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Your Advertisements. Your Market. AdToScreen provides an exciting range of Digital Signage solutions to meet any application, both indoor and outdoor. Bundled with our flexible Marketplace Software you are always in control of your content. We make managing your advertisement goals easy & rewarding. Create an account with us today to see how simple it is to get started... Create new account Search our Marketplace to discover the perfect locations for your Ads. From your own local sectors to a wide selection of global locations! Create rewarding customer experiences Full user interactivity with touch screens, live content, dynamic video and more! Our Marketplace supports an incredibly wide variety of environments & devices. Our rechargeable mobile hubs provide free phone charging for your captive audience! Display full 4K Video, Images & Sound WiFi connected - Update media remotely Works with any HDMI TV or digital screen Real-time tracking of confirmed views Schedule content changes by time & date Unlimited upload space for all your files 24/7 Support from our professional team Discover locations all across the World to professionally display your digital media. Use our enterprise management software to take control of all your advertising investments ... Click here to Learn More
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